Headers Anyone?

I have been overjoyed this week in how my hits have come up just because of these headers I’ve been making. I have been getting comments from people such as Layla, Stardust, and Ha Ha That’s Funey, to make all of these amazing headers. So, what I’m getting at here is this whole week I’m going to be designing like crazy. If anyone wants me to enter designing contests, make headers, or ads I’d be happy to. Comment anywhere on the blog for your need and I’d be happy to help. Anyways, jsut a wuick update for everyone have fun and come back tommrow for an awsome post 😉


5 responses to “Headers Anyone?

  1. One for me Please! Just one about Club penguin and stuff. Dont use my current picture please!

  2. My pixels are 730 x 140

  3. Lyon, i am so sorry. I copied the wrong name real quick. it is fixed. 🙂

  4. Can i have a header please my site is http://www.kara234.wordpress.com its a blog about cliubpenguin if u could make one can it be about clubpenguin thanks

  5. can i have one what has sliders name to if not its okay and i dont know how to get it there please help

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