All of the things I can put in one post is pretty amazing. I couldn’t make them on seperate days or else I’d porbably forget what I was going to write. So, instead of me talking randomly for the rest of this post I’m actually going to write something worth while! 🙂

  • Movies

I’ve probably seen more movies in the last week than I have in four months. I already told you about Bedtime Stories and now I want to talk about Marley and Me. I saw the movie yesterday and had read the book and therefore had some pretty high expectations. The movie is about a dog named Marely also known as “The Worst Dog Ever” Marley wrecked a lot of stuff and made every one’s life a lot more work. Then agian they did have three kids, but back to the point. Marley was an amazing dog and was not very normal. What Marley did you ask? Well he ate a phone, trashed a garage, got the only dog park in the city closed down too. I’d give this movie a 3 1/2. The directors tried, but really didn’t capture the whole meaning of the book and needed more Marley. Now for Twighlight, I saw the movie a while ago and really liked it. I have never read the book for it, but now really like the idea. So on to the story. The movie is about a 17 year old gir named Bella. She has divorced parents and moved to her Dad in Forks, Washington. When she gets there her Dad who is the cheif of police keeps getting these calls about animal attacks on people. But was it really an animal? I need a logo for my next latest design. I have started working on the design and can’t finish it until I have a logo. I need some help with this and would appreciate anyone who would be kind enough to help make me one. I don’t want to eave you blank at this point , so I’ll tell you what I’m looking for. There’s also a kid at her school named Edward, who she can’t ignore. Well…… he just happens to be a vampire. I don’t want to give too much away and ingcourage you too see the movie. This movie definatley diserves 4 stars! P.S. I think they might have a sequal 😉

  • I’d like the logo to be little and not like a header
  • I need it to all be one color
  • I would like it to be kind of like the Jonas Brothers Logo , but I don’t want you to copy it
  • I need it to be in an 125×125 px box

I know it’s a lot to ask, but I would really appreaciate it and I’m giving out prizes and virtual medals for it 😉

  • Design

As I said earlier, I’m making a new Design for the blog. I know this one is only a few months old, but I need something new. I should have a sneek peek of the design too so stay tuned 🙂

“Inspiring Life and Design”



7 responses to “Movies-Logo-Design

  1. add me to your blogroll please and i’ll add you!

  2. You know lyon i really like your current design but i think that you could make an even better one. GOod work! 🙂

  3. Hey Lyon. I am adding an author to my blog. More details there.

  4. I heard Marley and Me is sad. Eh-my-gawd, Twilight is the best movie ever, it’s my favorite movie.


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