Bedtime Stories

A movie of fantasy, stories, and comedy. I’ve seen the movie two times since it came out and it doesn’t get old. The movie is about a hotel hanyman that works at the “Sunny Vista Hotel”. Then his life is changed forever as he tells his niece and nephew bedtime stories. As he tells stories to outrages tale after another the chidlren’s ideas is what really makes his life a whole lot wierder. Bedtime Stories is one of the best movies of the year and is a great comedy to see with your friends. This movie is a great movie to see with your family too. Still have doubts? See the trailer and see how you like it!

Have you seen Bedtime Stories? What was your favorite part?


4 responses to “Bedtime Stories

  1. my favorite part was when his friend said “By law I must tell you i suffer from sleep attacks”
    Then skeeter asked what they are.
    Then he said “You dont want to know”

  2. I love two parts, one when his cell phone rings and the ringtone is, RING RING RING RIIING. and two i love the part where Skeeter sprays the boss with the fire extinguisher and he gets “fired” because he did not think of the other meaning of fired. 🙂

  3. i also love when Skeeter saw all the girls that were mean to him. then the girls started doing the hokey pokey

  4. I’m gonna see it tommarow.

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