What to Say….

I just got back from a long visit to relatives. There’s so much I could post about I am going to post a really random post.


Tommrow is December 25th, the best day of the year. No matter what holiday you celebrate it’s amazing. Most of us get some of the most amazing gifts and some get coal 😉 Tommrow
is the one day kids look forward too, wether it be because there parents are off work or the present they all can”t wait.

1000 hits

The moment I’ve been looking forward too the last few months is here. Through all this I’ve met tons of friends and amazing bloggers. They all have thier own special talents. I now have 1000 hits thanks to all these people and I ‘d like to thank them.


The one person who got me through all this. He met me from Aguair’s blog and welcomed me like he’d always known me. He added me as a contributer to his blog and was a great friend to have


The person who has helped me from the start of my blogging. His blog was a masterpiece in my eyes and I admired it a lot. He helped me with posting and helped me design my first few pictures.

My Family

The people who inspired me through it all. They gave me ideas to post and incouraged me to do it. I never would be where I am today without them.


The urge I had to post why I was gone was really wierd. Usually I can post whenever I want and can keep my viewers coming. I learned from Redcowz how to post early and then have it post when I want too so the next break of posting will atil have posts 🙂

Boys’ book of fun

That was the name I gave it, it was a gift from an early christmas. I really like the book and would like to make a page for it. Now it’s not really just fro boys, but it was intended to. The book has everything from insults to practical jokes and how to get out of school. I really look forward to the page.

What did you think of the new page idea?


2 responses to “What to Say….

  1. Oh thank you so much. But it is you who comes up with beautifully composed post ideas that make your blog develop grow and flourish. Your a great friend.

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