I look outside my window as I’m typing this post and look at the feet of snow piling over the cars. I have seen people riding around the city on four wheelers and getting stuck in the snow unable to get out. Streets are covered in two inches of ice and the sidewalk is covered in 3 feet of snow. This morning I was out for two hours shoveling to get our family’s car out of the snow, which bareley helped. The cityhas atg least 200 tractos going around shoveling the snow. I can’t get any pictures because it is now -25 degrees out and I have 2 feet of snow out my door. Yet, I found thousands of pictures on the internet of the storm and choose a few for you.

A car… I think

It’s a…. well, I don’t know what it is, but that’s a lot of snow.

Trying to get rid of the snow, not much luck though

The city is all in a havoc as is the local news stations. All schools within 20 miles are closed and the snow is showing no sign of melting.

Read more to see picture anamation

Snow Day Anamation


(Slideshow Pictures from


One response to “Blizzard!

  1. I had a freak snow storm too! School was canceled. Could it be that we are closer then we think? Who knows…

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