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Annoying you when your when your doing homework, hiding and breaking your stuff, that’s a normal sibling for you. Siblings can be annoying, crazy, rude, and yet at the same time helpful. A lot of us think mostly of how annoying and big pains our siblings are, but we never think of the help they really are. How do I know this? I have two sibling who can be a real pain in neck, but I’m learning to get over the bad things about them. The question I’ve always pondered over is whether sibling are worth the extra stress, and are what is good about them.

Good things

A lot of kids wish they didn’t have siblings and have some pretty good reasons to it. I think siblings can help you though. Older brothers and sisters can help you a lot more than the younger. They can help you with homework and some of the ones you like help you through life. You can talk to these ones for a lot of things, whether it be stress, school, or about your friends. Then there’s the younger siblings, the one’s that can really get on your nerve, but still can be good. They really need you more than you need them so it’s not as good in your favor, though they still have pretty good things. They can give you something to do if your bored and they are pretty funny to laugh at.

Bad Things

Now there’s the bad things about siblings. There’s a saying that says “It’s easier to see the bad things in people” which I think is true when it comes to siblings. There’s many things we hate, from the occasional fighting, to hiding your stuff, they are always a pain. One of the most stressful things is the breaking stuff. Most siblings have some magical urge to break your most expensive possesions for some odd reason. Then when your parent notice they are all innocent and didn’t do it. Older siblings you would think would be more mature, well there not. They seem so amazing when your older and they are like hereos to you, but as you get older they get less and less apealling. One night you’ll be a the dinner table, all nice and peaceful, then your parents ask how your day at school was. Then your older brother says “He got an F on his Pre-Algebra quiz!” Next thing you know your grounded.


My mom always says that siblings are annoying because they love you. I’m not shure if I’ll ever belive this, but I see here point. Shure they can be annoying at times, but the reason they are doing it is to get your attention. To little brothers ans sisters your a heroe and they will never leave you alone. So all in all siblings are all right to me and I couldn’t live without them. (I think… 🙂 ) 

Do you have an brother or sister, and what are they like? If not do you want one?


4 responses to “Siblings

  1. Would you mind posting this on my site too! Its really good!

  2. Wow..I’m honored to receive such a kind link hover…

  3. Penny (too LAZY to log in)

    Woah, EXCELENT post, Lyon! Im a triplet along with my bro and my sister.

  4. Just like you, I go forever with out reading RSS. My view is, if it’s important at all, It will hit my twitter stream.

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