Coins For Change…

OK, so i used to play a game called Club Penguin. Quite a few of you have heard of it and possibly still play it. So, during the holidays the great people that made Club Penguin came up with a special idea. It’s called Coins for Change. I really like this special thing because you can take the coins you make and donate them to kids who are in need of money. There’s a million dollars that will be split up according to the donations people make. So, I’m encouriging you to make an acount on Club Penguin and donate some coins to those good kids in need. Shure the game isn’t that fun and really boring, but this is the holidays and it’s time to help people out.

Are you going to donate some coins and how much will you donate?


One response to “Coins For Change…

  1. My penguin is Lilbuddy5. Hey, I forgot what was yours? And also check my youtube account!

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