True Friends

In class we had a 5-paragraph essay due today. I liked the theme a lot and thought it was a great life lesson. There’s many quelities of a true friend and what they are.

A True Friend

Walking home with you from school on a stormy afternoon, playing with you at a soccer field , and laughing with you at the movies, texting you on the phone, that’s a true friend True friends are great people to have in your life and they are very important. It’s always nice to have someone in your life who cares about you. True friends all have special qualities that make them really special and important too.


One of those qualities is being a shelter in a storm. They protect you when your in danger and never let you down. Friends help you when your sad and they never make you feel worse. They laugh with you and are always great to be around. At the same time as being a shelter a true friend is the person who completes your life.


A friend is the last piece to a puzzle. They are your last hope to do something that always comes through. When you talk to them everything becomes clear. They give you something to do too and make you happy while doing it. In addition to being a piece to a puzzle a true friend has many other qualities.


Lastly friends are the leafs on a tree. Some times they are gone, but they make sure your ok when they leave. They also make you laugh and give you joy. Your times with them has many great memories too. A true friend is amazing and as you can see, has many great qualities.


In conclusion true friends are the stuff that life is made of. They make you joyful, happy, and make you laugh all the time. All of these qualities make a true friend important and special. You’ll always remember a true friend and never forget them. I hope you have a true friend and if not there are plenty out there to get.

What is your qualities of a true friend and how are they diffrent from a normal friend?





5 responses to “True Friends

  1. Awesome post Lyon and i am glad you submitted it to me because it is my next post. Good job, leaving a question at the end always gets people to respond and intertwine. Awesome work Elite Contributor Lyon

  2. ahh so YOU wrote that awesome essay! nice!!
    and I LOVE your little background thing in the comment box here…this is so cool!! 😀

  3. I’m Ilan’s mom..and I really enjoy your entries on his site..your site is cool too…great design and content..your writing style is similar’s to Ilan’’s cool and funny..Keep up the good work..

  4. Hello Lyon! Recently my mom commented on your site. She thinks your cool and a great designer. She is a graphic designer, just like us but as a profession. Maybe you could check her site out a leave her a comment on what you think. Rock on! 🙂

  5. Lyon i am so sorry! The second comment from orly avineri is from me ilan.

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