Ad Spots Available!

Hola mi amigos! (I need to stop these wierd starts to post 🙂 )

As a few you may already know I have now made ads avaiable on the blog home page.  You can start buying them at the advertisments page on Dec. 15. I loved the idea of giving people the chance to advertise without the blogroll. You can all get a 125x125px. box for jsut the cheap $4.50!

In other news…

My online shop will be opening in a few week I’ll make a post when it’s open!

Just a qucik update for all of you!



3 responses to “Ad Spots Available!

  1. Now worries man 😉 I wanna be your friend too 😀

  2. Can I have my free spot now.

  3. Woah! YOur site is amazing! You have talent in blogging, if you continue for a year, this site will be a huge success!!
    Visit Back

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