Right Side Turnover

Nothing is wrong in this world to show off sometimes just don’t do it all the time. As I said in an earlier post I want to switch you all to the right side of your brain (if you haven’t already *looks at Redocowz 🙂 *) So now is one of the times I’m going to try and do that 🙂 So all of you think of something that’s logical, maybe the word dog 😉 , and take and use your right brain to turn it into art! So what did you think of and how did you make it artistic?


8 responses to “Right Side Turnover

  1. I didnt mean to take credit. Not my attempt. Sorry.

  2. Oh an dI wasnt stealing it either.

  3. Meet me on xat.com/thecpcs so we can talk about it

  4. I took the header off. Yogipen didn’t mean to copy it.

  5. how do you get the snow thing it’s realy cool!

  6. Wow! This site rocks!!!

    The only problem is, on the comment box, whenever I type in something, it doesn’t show it… I keep on having to highlight the comment box t see if i made a mistake. Maybe you could fix that? Otherwise, it looks artistic and awesome~~~~~!

  7. I’m glad you guys like my blog!
    Maya: I’m not shure why it is like that it’s just fine on my computer.

  8. Hmmm…. that’s weird.

    If you were wondering, I’m Redcowz’s little sister. 😀

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