Note to Self: Tell the viewers in future posts the reason I have not made very exiting posts is clearly that….. Um…… IDK 😦

Second Note to Self: Think of excuse for not making exciting post 😉

Well I had a “Bad Attitude” as my mom calls it. Therefore yesterday I couldn’t get on and my hits went way way down. I’ll work on the not getting in trouble as much so you guys can get some more post from me.

In other news…

I also decided that I might quit having contest on this blog. The last two contest I have had sadly ended up as a horrible turnout. So I’m going to postpone contest for a few weeks. I’ll postpone it for less time only if I get at least 4 different comments saying they want another contest.

In other news… (Agian, UGH!)

I’ll try and make more exciting post soon 🙂 He He He…


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