Mascot Contest!


Ive noticed the hits have really gone up and I really am thankful for you guys contributing. The CSS must really be working 🙂

But… what’s this title about?

A mascot contest! I really want a mascot for the blog. Aguiar and Redcowz both have fantastic little guys. So your probally wondering what stupid thing is he giving out this time. Well here’s the “stupid”  little prizes you will get if you win.


  • Get your mascot posted on the sidebar
  • Have a link to your website in a post with your winning dude!
  • You will be part of the xLyon blog
  • And maby something else… if I want to

Now here’s an example of what I am looking for:


Please make it:

  • Black & White or Green
  • 200×200 px MAX
  • Pust the Name Lyon or xLyon in somewhere
  • Make it neat and take your time
  • Enter it before December 4th

Thanks a lot everyone!


2 responses to “Mascot Contest!

  1. Hey sorry to be a bother and all but I have a question. Could you make me a header? If you can I want it to say “Yogipen’s Club Penguin Help”
    Also I would like it Christmas themed. Maybe a tree or santa hat or something.

    Oh and it has to be 795 x 150 pixels

  2. I’d love too! I’ll start right now I should be done soon. I was also wandering if you minded if it matched your color theme?

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