Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know a few of you don’t celebrate it, but for everyone in the United States it’s a big deal. The festivities where great this year, between the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Turkey Dinners. This year my family stayed home and we had fun making Thanksgiving dinner and making paper chains for X-mas. We had tons of fun as did many familys. This Thanksgiving was one of a kind and will be hard to beat next year.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!



8 responses to “Thanksgiving!

  1. This is a pretty cool CSS. Except I’ve already seen this comment box background. D:

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying the new font, mate 😉

  3. Thanks for commenting everyone! I’m glad you like the CSS!
    Connor: I wonder where you could have seen it from… 🙄 hmm, I got nothing.
    Aguiar:Yeah the font rocks thanks a lot.
    Yogipen:I’m glad you like it!

  4. I like your CSS. It’s cool

    ~Slider 466~

  5. Who knew this would be my most interesting post. Wierd…
    Slider:Thanks a lot!

  6. P.S. How can you make your own program?? What did you use to make Lyon desinger?

    ~Slider 466~

  7. It is a few diffrent porgrams all fit into one zipped folder. For example, to make the download folder I Made the folder and right clicked and it tells you stuff you can add, I added a link.

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