Update:In the In Other News… Section, my newest picture is shown.

Today I came to the blog to see how everything was going and all I can say is WOW! The hits have skyrocketed in  the last few days. Here’s a graph by WordPress (Edited by me) That  shows you my hits it the last 2 weeks. It also shows the days I made post and the days I didn’t.


I saw from the graph that I really get better hits when I make exciting posts. So I’m going to work on that alot and see if I can double the hits each day 🙂 I really appreciate the hits everyone and I hope you are amazed too.

In Other News…

Recentlly I got a new program it’s pretty much a free version of Photoshop. Because of this I want to hold back on updating Lyon Designer v.1.5 so I have time to figure out how to use the program to your advantage. The Lyon Designer v.1.5 will now be suspended until around Christmas. Work with the current system more for the time being please, I really appreciate your patience.

Here is my latest project called splatter logo. (IT is going to be our new CSS Design next month 😉 )


See you dudes!



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