BG Design 2008

Deadline November 30th!

Everyone may wonder what this is… I call it a contest. I am going to host a contest I call BG Design. To enter  all you have to do is make a 800×600 background for a computer. Do whatever you what, for your background, but make sure it reflects your personality. Now I’m sure now you want to hear about what you win. This year you will win the following:

1st Place:

  • Their Background feautred to download on this blog.
  • Your website on our blogroll (No requirements needed)
  • A Free domain name
  • Lyon Designer  v. 5W

Everyone who enters:

  • Their background picture posted
  • Get added on our blogroll for 1 week (No Requirments)
  • Lyon Designer v.4E

So as you can see even if you anter a horrible, crudy, stupid background you still get something. So enter now and see if you win!


4 responses to “BG Design 2008

  1. Finally I am not the only one who thinks that.

  2. Yeah Dude he is crazy… he did’t used to seem so wierd.

  3. I’m going to make my won background real quick i don’t like the one I have now

  4. By Lyon: Comment was edited and striped of any bad words and threats:
    By Marioman Sp:Think the **** what you like about me you *******!!!

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