Update: Don’t get worried tommrow when the file doesn’t come out early. It won’t come out until noon Pacfic Time. I will also be announcing a very special suprise tommrow as soon as I create the page where you can download Lyon Designer. If there is any problems I will announce it.

Now that the CSS is done and we have a 100 hits I am going to have a suprise! This will benefit everyone at our site and I hope that everyone likes it. So, from Nov. 11 to Nov. 18 I’ll have a page where you will be able to downlaod our very first free product, Lyon Designer v.1. This .zip file will have a few programs that are good for designing and a text file for any help you may need. So get ready for Lyon Designer!


8 responses to “Suprise!

  1. To make that cool edit I used a java script. It is really easy just it is hard to show.

  2. Nice, Hey are you going to download Lyon Designer? It comes out tommrow remember.

  3. I am sorry but you may not join my website. I like to be independent. I guess being XS7 and Lyon explains how you act so much the same and are always together (and never post the same thing).

  4. Lol yeah. But what about my Lyon Designer? Also if you would like I
    will sponsor your website. I’ll give you a few tips I know about designing and give you any designs you want.

  5. Well what do you think about me sposering you?

  6. I would love being sponsored by you! That would be amazing!!!! OMG I have a sponser!

  7. How will you be sponsering me? Videos? Website? How!!!!

  8. I will be sposering you by helping you design, I’ll advertise you, and I’ll pretty much help you in any way I can.

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