Forest Life

So now that the theme is lauched I thought I’d make a post about it. Well latelly I have been in the forest alot latelly like just yesterday where I went on a camping trip. So, I got this great insperation over the weekend when I was looking through the pictures on my phone. So I got on the computer and started working, I was designing alto of crazy things and a ton of possible future themes. When I was finally done designing I looked through and see what I liked. The one thing I really liked was the Forest Life header. So I put it on my blog and started designing. So just today I got the money payed and here it is. Now I want to hear your comments on the theme and what you think!



3 responses to “Forest Life

  1. Thanks LyonX! What’s up? Thanks for the header. I will put it up after this comment!!!

    P.S. What header/graphic program do you use?? It’s sooooo cool with the fonts and stuff

    ~Slider 466~

  2. I use Photoshop Elements 5.0

    I don’t have a code, sorry, just a disc.

  3. ok thanks alot I really appreciate your help

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