Mc Donald’s Monoply!

Ok I want to talk about something in the United States and possibly other countires (I’m not shure) Anyways, the topic is Monoply at Mc Donalds. Now all of us dream of getting 1 million dollars as a prize but we all sadly know we won’t get it. Now here’s a good tip for the game, Try and go for the smaller prizes. Think if you have a thousand dollars you can buy an iTouch and almost every plugin on there or tons of wii, playstion, or X box games! You can buy almost any thing you want. Here’s another tip, I went around the FAG of the website for the game and there’s a lot of secrets there. Here’s two: First, you can get a free code there and possibly get a good piece like my family 😉 Second, You can get money prizes on the website and at the stores so then you’ll get more money then it says you will really get 🙂 I’ll get more tips for you soon and hopefully me or one of my friends or fans will win 🙂


Hope you win!


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