Halloween, It’s a fun time of the year for everyone! You can either go around dressed up in a costume or if you think your too old to do that you can do one of the two. Number one is more mean and I don’t advise it but you can go around scaring little kids. Or two you can stay at home and put on a funny mask from the store or something and hand out candy (and don’t be mean to the little kids!) Anyways, halloween is really fun no matter what your age is, and it usually includes candy 😉 But, I should warn you not to go to your crazy dentist neighbor lol:) So what are you doing this halloween? I’d love to hear!



2 responses to “Halloween

  1. Hey guys! I’m amazed how many hits I’ve gotten today and I’d like to thanks all my friends that have visited:)


  2. Hey LyonX Its your best texting friend! Your website rocks! And make sure you text or call me soon!LOL! I’ll look forwarf to visting your website more often.And maybe even recieving some texts.
    Your bestest friend

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