My New Site…. MY STUDS

I finally created a new website named My Studs. It’s all about soccer. Soccer cleat reviews, everything soccer. You know what I’m talking about. All of that stuff. Pretty much. It’s at Hope you like it.


Starting A New Website

     I haven’t worked on this website in forever. I’ve been way too busy lately to mantain it. My band, which is now going by the new name of Authority Crisis, has been really busy too. This website will still be here, I just won’t be posting on it as often. I will create a new website sometime, and work on it in the future.

5 Random Facts

     While I was gone for the period of around a month, I was tagged by Sam from The Panic Button for the phenomenal 5 random facts posts. So I couldn’t just ignore it. These 5 random facts posts are a blogging frenzy going around. Someone tags you, you tag someone else, they tag one of their friends, ect. It’s how it works. So anyways, here are my 5 random facts. 

1.) Music is my life. When I hear a good song I have this indescribable feeling. Sometimes I’ll just lay on my bed with my iPod, close my eyes, and listen to music for hours. I’ll hear a good song on the radio, and be able to listen to it once, and be able to sing my favorite lines without hesitation.

2.) I’m really self confident in real life. A little over confident if you ask anyone that knows me. For example the signature on my phone used to be “So Perfect.”

3.) I started using the computer at a very early age. At the age of four I played a Clifford game on the computer all of the time. It wasn’t until fourth grade that I discovered blogging though. I’d repeat the story, but everyone has already heard it at least a dozen times.

4.) I honestly don’t love blogging. Its almost a chore. But I do love writing. I just love writing something for everyone to read that describes how I feel. 

5.) If it wasn’t for the fact that I was bored I never would have done this 🙂



Well as everyone has probably noticed, I have been gone for a really long time now. I just haven’t had much time at all. But my new year resolution was to keep myself contacted with all of my internet friends. Just I’m not sure about keeping this site. I’m considering building a new website from scratch. I’m gonna start drawing up a plan to build the new website. I will post this next weekend and I will post updates on it until then.

Eternal Fallout™

      Eternal Fallout is a band my friends and I formed on December 3rd, 2009. We got the inspiration to form a band after a school band concert near the start of the year. When it first formed the only members where myself, my friend Charlie, and another one of my friends named David. David and I truly love music. We had a two-hour talk on Facebook the day after we formed just talking about the music we both liked. That day we were at that band concert we both felt the same thing. Phenomenal music like the kind at that concert just makes us have a feeling impossible to explain. Any true musician knows that feeling and it rarely comes around. Charlie was playing the music on the other hand and didn’t really pay attention to the music as much as he did getting his notes right. 

     When we had our first three members we started searching for more. We searched every middle school in the town, looking for just the right musicians to be in our band. On December 4th a guy named Josh joined our band as the rythm guitarist. The very next day at the exact same time I got the news that my friend Tim joined as our base guitarist. Today our band is completed and we are currently are learning to play a cover of Dare You To Move by Switchfoot!

The Boarding Of Snow Contest *Winners*

The winners have been decided!

Voted Best By Judges: Carly!!!

Voted Best By Voters: Josie!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered! It was a great contest!

Snowboarding Has Arrived!

     I’m racing down the slopes, curving back and forth against the incline as snow flakes hit my jacket and slide off as the wind blows them. On Sunday my friends and I went snowboarding on the only mountain open for miles. I got out my season pass and we headed out. When we got there around eleven and we all got out boards out and headed toward the lodge. While we were there we checked all of our gear making sure it was okay and got ready to hit the slopes. Tristan, a snowboarder like myself, followed me onto the the ski lift as we got ready to go on the easiest run called “Huckleberry.” As I took off I saw him less then ten yards away. I pulled off some tricks on the incline and kept going. As I looked back again I didn’t see him. I waited five minutes then pulled out my phone and called number five on my speed dial. He didn’t answer after the third call so I picked up my board and headed back to find him. He was sitting on the incline holding his wrist. It turns out that as he was turning off an incline he hit a dry patch and wiped out. During the fall his hand hit the ground at and odd angle and sprained it.

     Today, two days later I was sitting at my computer talking to one of my friends named Nolan on Facebook. We talked about the event the seemed as if it had happened a week ago. We had gone back after we got Tristan back down to the lodge to check where he wiped out and found that a water bottle was buried in the snow which is why he crashed. It was quite funny, and akward at the same time. We talked for another half an hour and then he had to leave. I sat looking at the screen deciding on what to do for a new post. I noticed I hadn’t written a post including a picture I hand made in quite some time. So I got to work and about an hour later of hard pressed work, many ideas from pictures on google, and a little help from a friend I finished it. I had to admire how spectacular it looked compared to my other snowboarding pictures and really enjoyed it. As it’s the first kind of vector project I have done I’d like to know you’re comments on it.

What do you think of my work and how has it improved?